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87-89 Orrong Crescent
Caulfield North VIC 3161


Office: 0451 332 397

Plans and Rates

Listed below are our current prices. If you are unsure of where to start, or what would be a good amount of training to suit your lifestyle and your goals please contact us for advice.

30 minute session:

Personal Trainer $50    Senior Trainer $60

45 minute session:

Personal Trainer $70   Senior Trainer $80

60 minute session: 

Personal Trainer $100   Senior Trainer $110

Buddy up with a friend, partner or family member and have fun getting fit together!
30 minute session $30 each
45 minute session $40 each
1 hour session $50 each

Get a group together or ask us to put you into an existing group. Train with friends, meet new people and be motivated in a group setting. Not recommended for complete beginners, or if you are carrying injuries.
45 minute class $30 each.

We will come to you! Inside or outside, we can work with the equipment you have or bring some along. Have the whole family join and get everyone moving together.
45 minute session $90
1 hour session $110

All you need is a good internet connection and a small space to move your body. Video calls are the perfect option to get some daily movement in the comfort of your own home. Workouts are  designed around your body and your goals setting these sessions ahead of generic workout videos you may find online.
45 minute session $70
1 hour session $90

Client Testimonials

The whole team are passionate and committed to getting you to your peak! I was never a huge fan of exercise but slowly and carefully these guys have got me into a whole new way of thinking and a fabulous lifestyle. Thank you!
Jonathon Mond
Village Fitness is a fabulous fitness hub. My trainers - Stu, Molly and Clint are skilled in correcting technique whilst keeping the pace just how I like it. Personally the training has contributed to some excellent results in my racing as a Masters Swimmer. Bravo to this wonderful crew.
Sally Cuming
I've been training with these guys for over 10 years now so I think that says it all. Great set up, attentive, excellent trainers and I thoroughly enjoy every session.
Monique Morris
Awesome trainers and very well equipped gym in a beautiful light filled space. Pilates classes are excellent too.
Rebecca Parker

The Village Contact List

Personal & Group Training: Sarah Jonas Ferguson[email protected] 0451 332 397

Pilates & Yoga: Sarah Jonas Ferguson:  [email protected]  0451 332 397

Physiotherapy: Mark Charalambous:  [email protected]  0421 883 035

Myotherapy: Brooke Robertson:  [email protected]  0438 370 521

Beauty & Anti Aging: Sharon Burgio:  [email protected]  0402 288 484

Nutrition: Brittany Hancock:  [email protected]  0407 886 556

Account Enquiries: [email protected] 0411 112 740