The Village Story

The Village Health Club, formally Functional Fitness Solutions, was created by Clint McDonell in 2012. With a background owning and operating health clubs, Clint became increasingly disenfranchised by the economics of commercial gym chains and the poor level of service that had to be provided in order to make them viable. Clint wanted a full service model where people received quality service and genuine, tangible benefits to their health and fitness in hygienically clean facilities. Stuart Wilson joined the management team in 2019 and has added a new dimension of high end service to the business. The Village Health Club expanded in 2019 to offer Yoga, Pilates, and a range of allied health services. The Village Health Club has a no contract model – we live and die on the strength of each and every session with our clients. Our trainers, therapists and practitioners  are all trained and invested in our service ethics, which means our culture and business principles are consistent and unwavering. This strong relationship based training model means wonderful outcomes for each and every client.

What We Provide

The Village Health Club’s personal training services use an analysis based approach. We look at each individual’s subtle differences in movement and function to determine what movement and exercise patterns would give you the greatest improvement in your fitness, health and well being over a lifetime.

We take into account your lifestyle, your goals, your previous training history, all your relevant current circumstances, such as work or emotional stress, your health profile and your existing posture.

Many times we can help solve problems that are the cause of aches and pains. Obviously we’re out to get you fit, but it goes way beyond that. Our concepts are founded in science, knowledge and experience and that means we won’t make you do things that aren’t relevant to your personal needs.

Our internal administration structure provides clients with great outcomes. For example we workshop different client’s needs which means our staff benefit from each other’s experiences, and you get the highest possible level of professional care.

A non negotiable aspect of each FFS trainer’s employment is to pre-prepare each and every session with a client, and to document everything of importance that happens in a workout.

We have a comprehensive record of your training history, your Personal Bests, your likes and dislikes, and every detail that might affect your future training. This means you can safely train with any of our team, assured in the knowledge that your full training history and relevant profile details are considered in each and every workout you do under our guidance.

Client Testimonials

Exceptional personal training studio! Expert trainers, motivating atmosphere, and customized workouts that leave you feeling stronger, healthier and accomplished. Highly recommended!
Adriana Fachino
I've been attending this personal training gym for 7 months now, and it's been an incredible experience. Molly, my trainer, has been outstanding. She's exceptionally focused on ensuring correct form and technique, making each session not just challenging but also safe. Her motivation has been instrumental in my fitness journey. The studio itself is well-equipped, and I appreciate the intimate setting where there's never more than 3 trainers and clients in the space at a time. Highly recommended for anyone looking for personalized and effective training!
Danny Goldman
I've been training with these guys for over 10 years now so I think that says it all. Great set up, attentive, excellent trainers and I thoroughly enjoy every session.
Monique Morris
I've been coming to these guys for 19 years, and I feel like I've hardly aged. My joints are in great nick, I've got energy and vitality. I can't imagine a better place to train.
Brent Wilson